About Us

Medical Home Network (MHN) is a not-for-profit collaborative that has fundamentally changed how care is delivered. Our proven model of care unites provider communities and diverse healthcare entities around a common goal: to redesign healthcare delivery and transform the way care is managed at the practice level.

It starts with providers and patients working together to improve health. Care teams drive engagement by developing relationships with patients that extend beyond the four walls of the primary care practice. We provide the tools and processes to help care teams engage patients and help them become an accountable member of the team. Research shows that patients who are involved in making their healthcare decisions tend to be healthier and have better outcomes. 

By connecting providers and delivering real-time information, we enable coordinated care management, improve transitions of care, and promote timely follow-up. But the most important change is that patients receive better care where and when they need it.

MHN: What we do

  • Power delivery system redesign and practice transformation.
  • Foster collaboration across disparate healthcare providers.
  • Enable a decentralized model of care, with care teams employed at the primary care practice.
  • Create a structured approach to care management with supporting tools, processes, and staffing.
  • Promote whole-person care by managing medical, behavioral and social determinants of health.

Making an impact

  • Improve workflows and enhance point of care decision making
  • Reduce avoidable emergency department and inpatient utilization
  • Detect high risk patients and identify rising risk to prevent patients from becoming high utilizers
  • Dynamically manage patient risk through addressable medical, behavioral, and social factors
  • Enable streamlined care transitions between provider entities
  • Increase access to specialists through electronic consultations

Transforming care, improving health

We believe everyone deserves quality care. This vision is at the heart of everything we do.

In 2009, the Comer Family Foundation created MHN with the vision to transform healthcare delivery and improve the health of Medicaid patients in the Chicago area. Today, our innovative model of care has helped countless people access the quality care they deserve.

Affiliated Entities

Medical Home Network formed MHN ACO LLC in 2014. This Accountable Care Organization is owned and governed by leaders from 12 healthcare organizations, representing nine Federally Qualified Health Centers, three hospital systems and more than 360 medical homes in Chicago.


Texture Health develops cutting-edge, integrated solutions to drive patient-centered care management. Texture Health connects the entire healthcare continuum--patient, care manager, payor and provider--to integrate, structure and drive population care management and dynamic patient engagement across populations and communities on a single platform.


Employment Opportunities

Medical Home Network is proud to be a growing organization. Regardless of your background (sales, development, marketing, or administration), we encourage you to view our job openings, apply for a position with our growing team and join us on our mission to make top-quality healthcare a reality for everyone.