New Model of Care Guides Patients to Medical Homes for Quality, Cost-Effective Care


A real-time alert pops up in the MHNConnect portal at La Rabida Children’s Hospital on Chicago’s Southside. One of La Rabida’s care coordinators sees that a 10 year-old boy is being treated in the emergency room at another Southside hospital. She immediately tries to contact the boy’s parents. La Rabida is the family’s assigned medical home, but unfortunately when the care coordinator calls the family’s contact phone number, it is no longer in service. She calls the hospital but the boy is already discharged.

Over the next two weeks, this scenario with this same child occurred two more times. But the next time, the real-time alert indicates the boy is in La Rabida’s acute care clinic. The care coordinator immediately runs down the hall and finds the boy in a bed receiving a breathing treatment for an asthma attack. After speaking with the little boy’s mother, she learns that the family just moved, which is why the phone number is out of service.

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