From the community: New model of health care guides patients out of hospital

  • Published On  Mar 11, 2015
  • Publication  Chicago Tribune
  • Author  John Ruane


According to a data review, Illinois Medicaid patients who were a part of Medical Home Network's program and visited their assigned primary care physician at Esperanza Health Centers within seven days after being discharged from the hospital or Emergency Department, increased from a 25.3 percent baseline to an average of 47.2 percent. During some months, the follow-up rate was as high as 58.3 percent, which represented a 130.4 percent increase over the pre-implementation baseline. At La Rabida Children's Hospital, there were months when 45.7 percent of patients discharged from the hospital made follow-up visits within seven days to a primary care physician. As a result, there has been a 10.3 percent decrease in seven-day hospital readmissions.

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