Letters to the Editor

  • Published On  May 8, 2017
  • Publication  Chicago Sun-Times
  • Author  Cheryl Lulias

CHICAGO, May. 8, 2017/ Chicago Sun Times/ --Jimmy Kimmel’s late night plea to provide life-saving medical treatment for all Americans — regardless of their financial circumstances — broke heartstrings and built awareness about a pivotal issue. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege, in spite of Congress.

Kimmel revealed to a national audience that his newborn son had received life-saving medical treatment. “How do families without healthcare pay for this type of treatment?” he asked.

Kimmel’s question is what many Cook County residents face every day.

The Cook County Health and Hospitals System embraced the charge of the Affordable Care Act and today provides innovative solutions that result in better health outcomes, improving access to care all while lowering the cost of care.

New technology platforms and Cook County’s collaborative approach between primary care providers and hospital care disrupt the cycle of emergency room visits by Medicaid patients for issues better addressed in a primary care setting.

Having to choose between healthcare and putting food on the table is a daily dilemma for residents throughout Cook County. CCHHS is leading the way as one of the nation’s most innovative and responsive healthcare systems, providing pioneering ways for Medicaid patients to secure superior, patient-centered care while managing costs.

Cheryl Lulias 

President and Executive Director 

Medical Home Network