Clinician Decision Support a Home Run at IL Accountable Care Organization


EHR integrations can aggregate patient health data from outside sources to guide clinical decision support and drive patient-centered care delivery.

For Medical Home Network (MHN), clinical decision support needs to look like a baseball card. Just like a baseball card outlines high-level stats of players, the MHN baseball card summarizes high-level patient health information at the 13 federally qualified health centers (FQHC) and three large hospital systems comprising MHN's Medicaid ACO accountable care organization (ACO).

"The MHN baseball card organizes disparate sources of data externally," Laura Merrick, senior director of eSolutions at MHN, explained to EHRIntelligence in an interview. "This includes admission, discharge, and transfer data, medical and pharmacy claims, care management information, and medication information."

The EHR integration then applies analytics to that information to present the most actionable data to the provider at the time of the patient interaction for clinical decision support.

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