Director, Behavioral Health and Community Programs

About Us

Medical Home Network (MHN) is a not-for-profit collaborative that has fundamentally changed how care is delivered. Our proven model of care unites provider communities and diverse healthcare entities around a common goal: to redesign healthcare delivery and transform the way care is managed.

Job Summary

Reporting to the Vice President, Clinical Integration and Innovation, this position assists with the operations of the Clinical Integration division. This includes the development and implementation of the MHN clinical integration plan that creates the business case for providers across the MHN system to work towards achieving a common set of goals to ensure quality and control costs. The Director will focus specifically on evidence-based initiatives and activities targeting the behavioral health population and those struggling with social determinates of health.

The Director works within multidisciplinary groups to determine and implement best and innovative practices in the delivery of behavioral health care, holistic and person-centered services, partnerships with community programs, advocacy, and quality improvement resulting in positive behavioral health outcomes. The Director is a leader in fostering collaboration and integration between medical and behavioral health care to deliver whole person care.

Essential Functions

  • Assists the Chief Medical Officer, Medical Director and Vice President of Clinical Integration and Innovation (VPCII) with the operations of the Care Management, Integrated Health Homes, and Behavioral health initiatives for the MHN ACO
  • Assumes leadership for major Clinical Integration Division projects as they relate to behavioral health such as Transitions of Care, Training and Education, programs that address social determinates of health, partnerships with community entities and others as assigned
  • Serves as the CI Leader in the absence of the CMO, VPCII, and Sr. Director of clinical integration. Provides clinical supervision of the TOC Care Management staff as related to behavioral health
  • Works with other members of the CI team to establish efficient care management processes that connect the continuum of care at all points of transition and incorporating the needs of the behavioral health population

· Contributes to the formation and leads implementation of behavioral health initiatives using evidence-based practices to drive results across the MHN population significantly improving the outcomes and processes of care and reducing costs; leads the Collaborative Care Depression Management program and prepares regular evaluations on its results

· Integrates the full range of MHN technology solutions and data analytics into the care management program; Works with site Care Management staff to utilize information produced by MHN and other available data to improve performance and quality especially as it relates to behavioral health programs

· Manages the activities of the Behavioral Health Subcommittee, preparing agendas, presentations, and bringing forth strategies related to behavioral health; prepares reports for the Chair for the Clinical Committee

· Acts as a liaison of MHN ACO in the community and seeks to maintain and develop new strategic partnerships with community programs and agencies

· Provide trainings for medical home staff, physicians and providers, as well external partners or contractors on items such as motivational interviewing, developing soft skills for care management, mental health, substance use, special populations, and others as identified.

· Supports assigned MHN clients and their staff in the implementation of best practices related to mental health, substance use, as well as integration of behavioral health in primary care and care management efforts

· Researches innovative strategies, educational offerings and resources including speakers, experts, or pilot sites on a wide variety of topics

· Liaison between ACO medical homes and the health plan relative to behavioral health.

· Provides direct supervision to the behavioral health transition of care staff member


  • Expertise in working with at-risk populations, in particular the behavioral health population.
  • Demonstrable leadership capabilities with the ability to motivate, achieve results, and provide consulting to practice sites
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience of systems to improve population health and disease/care management; Demonstrated knowledge and experience with electronic information systems including analytics and EMRs (inpatient and outpatient)
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of behavioral health and care delivery processes across the continuum
  • Deep understanding of the social determinates of health and the patient experience accessing healthcare.
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with a passion to contributing to a changing health care landscape
  • Keen understanding of healthcare delivery across the continuum that is patient centered and team-based
  • Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills. Ability to work independently and with a wide variety of individuals. Excellent organizational skills;
  • Ability to foster teamwork, mentor physicians and other caregiver staff at all levels throughout an organization

Required Education

Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, Social Work, or other Healthcare degree required; Master's in Healthcare Administration, Public Health Administration, or other healthcare related Master's; other Master's degrees and/or years of related experience will be considered in lieu of a graduate degree.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to careers@mhnchicago.org.